• You will receive a short edited clip with your event highlights within two weeks after filming. It will be delivered over Online Cloud Storage and available in online friendly format that you can easily share with your clients, friends and family on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks.
  • Generally you receive your full edited event footage within two month after filming. We deliver our work via Online Cloud Storage. Other formats such as DVD, Blue Ray and Flash Drive are available upon request.
Do I really need a video? Aren’t photographs taken by a professional enough?
Event videography is as different from photography as paintings are from feature films. There are reasons we admire paintings as well as watch movies. As for the later, there is no other media that will allow you to capture emotions in such detail as video does. When production is complete your event video will become a centerpiece you will share with your clients, friends and family.
My friend/relative has a camera, shouldn’t I just ask him/her to capture the event on video?
Sometimes your videography decision is an afterthought, and you do end up with your friend or relative capturing the event. This can work out for you of course, if your friend or relative is a professional videographer who has the right skills and tools for the job, and is willing to dedicate his/her time to capture and countless hours to post process the footage. We are happy to work with you and deliver results you are looking for.
Aren’t videography services expensive? Can I afford it?
You will never know unless you ask. Every event video is not the same. If you decide to work with us, we will go through your event schedule and provide you with a personalized quote. In short, if you can afford a photographer, then our event videography services should not brake your bank.